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10-25-2013, 08:31 AM
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ODC - i disagree - seems like AHL guys are coming after Dylan to use him as a measuring stick for their own toughness. Sort of like, "hey, if i can beat up Mcilrath then maybe my NHL team will want me up."

What's been happening is that Mcilrath is quickly dispatching these guys. Its not his M.O. to start fights but he's great at ending them.

Someone said it best in this room yesterday, come his time in the NHL, there won't be these "tough guys" trying to make a name for themselves. That'll let Dylan focus on being the d-man we need, want and forecasted him to be. As of now, from watching a bit and reading the reports, it seems he's becoming more engaged. If he's a mobile, tough, 2nd pairing defenseman that scares people away from the net you wont complain. Hes the guy who will keep tarasenko at the top of the circles rather than sniping down low and youll be happy.

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