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Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
And our roster is miles better than what they had to work with , and Eakins has us pretty much already screwed and worst start of all of them . his quote tonight "I felt the balloon was starting to deflate in the second" really Eakins so what was your game changing plan so the balloon would not deflate. Nope he just let the air keep leaking.
I missed whether Eakins chose to take a time out with knowing that. I think he's correct in a sense that his club decided somewhere along the way that this was a two pts they stopped contesting (difference between this game and Montreal) but what did he do to avert deflation? I think putting the 4th line, and Gordon line out there or reworking the lines would have been better option. Keeping the first line intact and out there was a debacle unless Eakins is trying to teach a lesson here (and I don't advocate that method as it cost us 2 pts)

One could just read the body language of the players. Some guys that should be much better after getting a few scoring chances getting resigned, frustrated, and playing the rest of the game progressively worse and being the reason the team lost instead of a solution in a game like this.

To Eakins credit when the line that is tanking has two first drafts in the world and the "best offensive player on the team" on it theres nothing you can do to avert crisis in a game like last night.

A line that shouldn't be getting owned got absolutely annihilated. Shift after shift destruction.

What we saw again was sated contentment from a few players that apparently felt they've been giving enough at the office this week. unfortunate because we're paying these guys to be great out there.

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