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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
Why did I know you'd do that? Wow..funny how you failed to "find" the posts where I said he wouldn't be a huge point scorer. You seemingly take pleasure in trying to find my supposed missteps....good for you. Thankfully I don't have such an obsession with you...I actually have a life. And no..I'm not going to go through all of your posts to find..and then post... examples.

Where does either quote say he will dominate points wise? I never said he would.....EVER!! Do you fail to comprehend that it's possible to dominate in ways other than putting up gaudy point totals? Obviously you didn't read all of my last post..and obviously you like to put your own spin on others opinions to try to get them in "gotcha" situations. Not a very healthy mentality.

Ten friggin games into the season..and we get this bullcrap already. How many of his games have you watched? Sure sounds like all you've done is look at his point totals and obtusely concluded he must be struggling...then tried to twist my previous quotes to make it look like I am completely wrong....ten games into his OHL career.

I know I sound like a broken record...but give prospects time folks..don't judge them after a handful of games one way or another, or by looking at the boxscore and speculating wildly. Gregoire is not going to be a superstar..Mac is not going to be a bust.

The Hunters are doing what they always do..easing him in. You don't go from the USHL to the OHL and immediately dominate statistically, especially after missing the team's training camp...but by the end of the was stated by both Hunters..expect to see Mac playing with at least one of Horvat or Domi, and expect better point totals. By the Memorial Cup I think he will not only be dominant physically and defensively, but also putting up better point toals.
Tinordi also looked rough around the edges when he arrived in the OHL then after 25-30 games he got comfortable and improved a lot over those 2 years.

I find "power" players take a bit more time adjusting to the pace of the game(see Tinordi in the NHL) but once they do they are very valuable players.

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