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10-25-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Grant, relax. I am not happy Mac is off to a slow start. I never hated on the pick.

I guess what happened is you used the word ''dominant'' my mind that typically implies fairly significant point production for a 1st round forward in a quality draft. I'd love to see the list of players who put up a 0.7 PPG or less as an 18 year old in the CHL and ended up playing top 9 minutes in the NHL for a long time. It can't be very long.
And since you were THE source for McCarron info before and after the draft (and I thank you for it), maybe I built my hopes up a bit too high after reading such quotes implying dominance...especially after his training camp with the Habs when I thought he was real good.

I haven't watched a game because simply they aren't available here, but I view every London game highlight pack on the OHL's site and I've listened to a few segments of their games...and quite frankly he's certainly not standing out, especially recently. We can use the rookie ''reason'' to explain it, but London's 16 year old Mitch Marner has nearly twice as many points. Christian Dvorak is a 17 year old rookie who is also outproducing him.
Yes it would be extremely long IMO. many players developps later.

EDIT: oh I've read 1PPG. .7 might be much shorter.

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