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10-25-2013, 10:00 AM
Change is good.
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To begin with, let me say that I've seen about 50-66% of the Pack's play so far this year. Watched the first few games in their entirety, but have only been able to catch 1-2 periods of the last few games.

Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
Sometimes you have to allow the skill players some room for error. Giveaways are okay if they are in the correct areas of the ice. Brassard has quite a few even when he is playing very well because he tries to create. This team lacks that.

Not disagreeing with that he needs to get better at it, just a more general comment.

I was really hoping for a better start from Yogan, not going to lie...
Completely agreed about accepting giveaways as the price for highly skilled plays. But, I'm not talking about Brassard-like giveaways; I'm talking about passes in front of his net that wind up on the stick of the single forechecker in the zone. Passes from the half boards to the far point on the PP that are easily picked and send the PKing forward in on the breakaway - that sort of thing. Richards of last year and MDZ type ****. I think he's getting better and I've been VERY encouraged by his toning down the I'll-do-it-all-myself approach to just about the right level you want from a talented offensive player. I just want to see more progress in the right direction for a few more games before he's called up. (Just like we all wanted to see Kreider and Miller get a few more games before being called up.)

Agreed about Yogan - I was expecting more. Still, unlike a lot of guys on the Rangers, you get the sense from the Pack guys that any one of them could pick it up and start to put numbers on the board at any time.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I think Kristo can be Ales Hemsky-lite if he can learn to make better decisions with the puck. He has to be better about picking his spots. Supremely talented though.

Haven't caught many Pack games as of late, but Lindberg seems to be a bit quiet. What's the deal there?
I get what you're saying about Hemsky, but I think Kristo looks a lot more solid physically while not being quite as gifted offensively (which given Hemsky's injury history is probably a good trade-off IMO).

Lindberg has been quiet. I gave him praise early on for making the subtle plays that would spring the puck from a crowd and put a linemate in good position, but frankly it's about time where he stepped up and dictating play a little more than that. I still have high hopes for both him and Fast, but I think they need some time playing the NA game - and I think they could both use some time in the weight room.

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