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10-25-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by El Emperor View Post
As much as I hate to add into the conversation as a pessimist, but I can't see this team improving that much on offense until the house is cleaned. The stink of Lavy's system and coaching is still all over the place. The passing, which quite frankly has always been all over the place is still one of the biggest issues. Unless Berube isn't practicing how to make passes, I can only assume that old habits die hard and this habit is being harder than ever.

2006-07 was one of the best things that happened to players like Mike Richards because they had season to work on their game without pressure. I know I'm beating a dead horse in these boards, but Homer needs to be fired and either Hextall moved into GM role or get someone from the outside. Let them blow up the team enough to make a statement without removing the future core.

The biggest fear I have as a fan is that they begin to score goals again towards the holidays and win enough games getting them back on track, go on the Olympic break and come back and suck again, just in time for Homer to make desperate trades at the deadline.
There are 4-5 players left from the cup team. The team has already been 'blown up'. So we need to blow it up again?

More reactionary, knee-jerk crap that has to stop with this organization and fan base. We have a new coach trying to implement a brand new system for a team that looks like they never even had a meaningful training camp to begin with. It is absolutely expected to see the team looking out of sorts and in disarray when they barely put out the same line mates game to game. They are trying new things and adapting to their new defensive system which has GREATLY improved.

It's October 25th, the season ends on April 13th. 73 games to go. The absurdly low shooting percentages and non-existent PP simply can't continue to be this bad or worse over that stretch.

Maybe we won't make the playoffs. Maybe we squeak in. But to blow this team up again would be ridiculous.

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