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Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
Anyone watch Arrow? Ive got a FB friend who keeps yapping about it.
I have several posts about Arrow in this thread. You're the first to mention him again.

I think Arrow may not have garnered enough attention on account of the repetitive and slow-paced first season, where a lot of the storylines were cheesy and some of the dialogue naive and overly cartoonish.

Fast-forward to this season, acting is much better, scripts more compelling, several characters are forging a more interesting identity. Arrow is part of the DC Comics world, so the next big thing on the show will be the Flash making an entrance at some point this season. All shows so far this season have been gripping. Several sub-plots are becoming more meaningful. I'd recommend it as one of the shows to follow this year, if you like the genre.

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