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10-25-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
This is wrong on so many levels.

Black QBs have been drafted high for several decades now. As have "running" ones. Newton is not a groundbreaker in any way. Cam's success or failure had no bearing on RGIII, teams have had no problems drafting athletic QBs high (regardless of race) for decades.

Luck's athleticism was/is absolutely praised. He is actually one of the best scrambling QBs in the game. More so, there have been other white running QBs long before Luck (Young tops the list, but also have guys like Gannon as well). Black QBs do not have the market cornered on running QBs. Nor are all black QBs runners.

Wilson was questioned coming out primarily due to his size. He is well under the ideal height for a QB... and the exact same height as Seneca Wallace. Like Wallace, he is a good athlete, hence the comparison.

JaMarcus's failure had zero impact on Newton. The two have absolutely nothing in common. JaMarcus was more like Ryan Leaf than anything else. If anybody tarnished Cam's opportunity it would be Vince Young. Another top-end athlete who played a simplified system in college who may-or-may-not be able to pick up the more complex NFL systems (Young's emotional immaturity being a completely separate issue).
believe it or not I was reading these boards around that time and there was quite a few Russell comparisons on here, the comparisons were there outside these boards as well

There are white running qbs, I agree, they just aren't called running qbs.

Russell Wilson's size was definitely a question mark, no debating about that, but compare the college production of Russell Wilson and Seneca Wallace and you will feel pretty silly, why not compare him to Doug Flutie or another short athletic qb that might not have brown skin?

I know black qbs get drafted high, but race does affect how they are perceived

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