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10-25-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by JonathanHuberdoh View Post
I do not understand your hard-on for Upshall. I just can't comprehend it.
Hard-on? Stating that he is not the utter crap some on these thread think he is hardly constitutes having a hard-on for a player

We've seen a kid who hasn't play in the NHL for 2 years come right into our roster and show way more than Upshall has in his 2+years year (talking about Uncle Jesse).
No one is saying the contrary. Winchester has been a great find

He's a 4th liner. If he was playing better, he'd be on a better line. It's that simple. I never said he doesn't put in the effort. I also never said I was expecting him to score a lot. But 6 goals as a Panther? Seriously?
Well, lets break it down. 2011-2012 he played in 26 out of the 82 games. 2012-2013 he played in 27 out of 48 games. Mostly due to injury and yes, the odd scratch here and there. He was never brought in to be a 1st or 2nd line player if you look at the forwards on the team when he has been here. Bergenheim, Fleishman, Versteeg, Kopecky, Samuelson, etc. I would argue, he at most would be a 3rd line winger and based on what he did before he got to FL that would be just about where you would expect him to be. I also agree he should produce more, but he is in no way a 1st or 2nd line player

He's a liability offensively. He kills plays. He shoots the puck so damn wide it rips around the boards and comes out almost every time. He's a great energy guy for the playoffs, but if we're talking about Bergy coming back from injury, well that's a big upgrade over Upshall.
Not hitting the net with shots is a team wide problem as we have seen. Do you put Bergy on the 3rd or 4th line once he is fully recuperated? NO. Bergy is top 2 line material so he should be (and is) an upgrade over Upshall in that role. As a 3rd or 4th line player skating hard, putting pressure on the opposing defenders by forechecking, crashing into other players, I prefer Upshall for that role

Trust me, I loved the Upshall signing at the time. Yah the money was a bit high but I saw what this guy could bring to the table. So far, he hasn't really brought it here in Florida. I know injuries have hampered his progress here but this team isn't going to sit around and wait for Scottie Upshall to find his game again. At least last season he was throwing big hits. Even that seems to have left his repertoire.
Contract is an issue, but just because the team was willing to pay him good money doesn't mean he will morph into something he is not. He has underperformed his contract, but if his contract wasn't as "high" as it is, I don't think we will be hearing too many complaints. And yes, injuries have been a problem and have affected his production. You never know what is going on with player injuries (case in point this thread, Bergenheim has been recovering forever and we don't even know if he will be the same player coming back

At this point, the only player I would play Upshall over on our roster would be Barch. I would love to hear your reasoning otherwise. And don't give me that BS "he plays on the 4th line what do you expect" nonsense. So does Matthias, so does Winchester. I see a LOT more effort and contribution to this team from them than from Upshall.
I may be wrong but, don't you have to take into consideration what role you want that player to fill? As a 3rd/4th line energy player I would put him above Versteeg/Fleishman/Boyes and the aforementioned Barch at least. As a scoring winger on the top 2 lines, he would not sit anyone
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