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10-25-2013, 03:06 PM
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Watched the documentary Blackfish which is an account of the life of SeaWorld orca Tilikum , who killed its trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2011. If you were at all moved by The Cove this is a good production.

The documentary leaves little room for doubt about how captivity is so against the natural lives if these intelligent and very social creatures that it can turn them into depressed and perhaps psychotic beasts.

Also the Conduct of Seaworld in the Brancheau case is deplorable.

As an aside I personally witnessed a Seaworld Orlando incident some 23 years ago where a trainer was injured and removed from the water after the performing Orca pinned the trainer to the pool wall and seemingly dislocated his shoulder. I remember the explanation at the time that the orca was being 'playful' but after watching this film I realize that these are acts of animal aggression that have been covered up for decades.

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