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10-25-2013, 02:22 PM
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Moose Coleman:So wait: you don't think any of those are legitimate factors in the team's performance?

No, not when I watch the Sens last year lose their norris trophy D man, their best forward and their #1 goalie all year and make the playoffs. Or when I watch teams like Pheonix or Nashville for years be competitive or make the playoffs with way less talent. You'd think that once, just once in 6 or more years the Oilers would be able to over come anything. They can't.

My read on the preseason expectations was that the Oilers would be hard pressed to make the playoffs at all. So I'm not seeing the fail here.

lol, 3-7-1 and being like 4th last in the league and being potentially out of the playoffs by the 25 game mark is not disappointing? Just when are the Oilers going to make the playoffs. I know it's a totally moving target for the apologists but you'd think sooner or later one of them would have to nut up and make a guess.

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