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12-11-2006, 11:44 AM
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Finally our team is going to be good again

For years our team has sucked. I think the Roy trade was the moment the team really went down even though it was being wrecked long before that horrible moment....

Unfortunately the habs did what most teams should do when they end up with bad teams, try to improve. This has made the team either miss the playoffs or barely makt them for over 10 years. As a consequence we never got the nice top draft picks most other teams did when their teams got crappy. In the time our teams has been sucking boston has gotten good picks, finished high in the standings and sucked again, yet we always seemed to finish far enough from the bottom that we never get great players in the draft.

But look at the team today. We are doing great in the standings despite major injuries(2 of our top D and higgins plus the whole koivu eye thing) affecting our lineup and important players underperforming or in a slump(kovalev could be doing better, ryder is not scoring so much this year and samsonov has not been good stats-wise but hes trying like hell on the ice). Our top-2 lines are also not really good 5on5(look at the +- ratings).

Now compare this to a team like Buffalo that we manage to have close games with. They dont have their top lines underperforming or their top players injured(tho a few of their D are). Our team has problems and yet we do good, that is impressive.

Also we have tons of good prospects coming up. I dont think its unreasonable to think we could have 3 prospects join the team next year and the year after.... I think we almost have too many prospects for the team and that is great.

My point is I like what I see this year, but next year will be even better and the years after that are looking great too. Our team is on the rise and despite problems today we are still a top team. I think we can look forward to being contenders for a while and all I can says is that it's about time.

Congrats to our GM rebuilding the team without having been blessed with superstar picks like ovechkin and crosby and considering the trainwreck situation of the Houle era....

Also congrats to our captain Saku Koivu. This guys shows up every game, has fought through cancer, injuries and an eye injury that might have ended most other player's carreers. he played with second rate wingers on a bad team for years and never complained and never gave up. Hopefully he can get a cup or two with our team. On most other teams his jersey would be retired for sure.

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