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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I don't know, there are already a lot of stats that have grey areas to them that people try to implement (I still haven't figured out what "goals created" means). This one is filled with grey.
Yes but it is already done by our mind with no good metric at all.

I mean everybody give more value to a cup in a high number of teams now than before (and player reaction when they win it changed a lot too).

Maybe if someone would find a good way (a good grey) to do it, would better than the all grey that we do in our mind now.

Everybody would consider a 11 times winner now more special than Henry Richard and at the very least, not winning 1 cup for a great player (say ovechkin win 0 cup) would be less a big thing then a 16 season player not winning it in a 6 team league.

So many team "should" have won the cup post-lockout (Sharks, Cap, Pens, Wings, Senators, Hawks, Bruins etc....) that we have no choice to give a pass at some point, because they are more should have win at least a cup with that team that you have actual year's to win it.

(I.e. you cannot say, the pens must win the cups for giving stuff for Iggy and say the same thing about the Bruins and Jagr without asking for the impossible to happen).

In the 06, the playoff were what 2 rounds, and a tournament having 66% of the best team ? So maybe you could compare winning two playoff rounds now with a stanley cup then ? but in the 06 to win the cup you had to beat the second best team of a 6 team league, so it was better than a conference finals, were you can get there without beating any of top4-5 teams of a 30 team league.

If the best player's on this metric goes with the best player from then (around 8-9-10 cups) maybe this would be a good metric ? (or start from the answer, what metric to use to give the isl's, oiler's player's that same amount of cup than the great winner of the 06?)

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