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Originally Posted by hmminvisiblecola1279 View Post
It really boggles the mind doesn't it. The litany of excuses or the "I didn't expect them to make the playoffs anways" are considered legitimate is downright embarrassing. Take a look at the standing again, we are last in the Western Conference and you are okay with that. Sorry Moose, telling us you didn't expect the playoffs while criticizing those of us who at least hoped the team would be better and challenging this year is a bit hypocritical don't you think.
You guys don't get what he's telling you. It's 11 games a team that may finish in the 7-11 range isn't immune to this kind of slump, especially learning a new aggressive system. You're expectations aren't in line with reality, the reasonable expectation was for the Oilers to compete for the last playoff spot. To be in that next tier of teams, not bottom feeders but not contenders. It's 11 games and the kind of teams contending for the last playoff spot have these kind of stretches, this is a team that ought to improve as the year goes on and they gain familiarity and get players back from injury.

The Oilers were expected to struggle at times, they have had injury problems, and the goaltending hurt them early. The special teams have been far worse than what's reasonable to expect over the course of a season. They have a terrible PDO and have been snakebit at times, like in Washington. We know from previous history that the first 11 games isn't a sign of everything, in 11-12 they were 7-2-2, and that season was a disaster still. It's 11 games the Oilers have plenty of time to go on streaks of their own. 1/8th of the season doesn't define it, some teams this early will be outliers in the positive (Colorado) and in the negative (Edmonton). As the sample size increases these outliers tend to move to the mean one way or the either. In Edmonton's case i think the bounces just need to start evening out. Edmonton will be much better than they are IMO, it's just not reasonable for things to stay this bad in some area's. Some of you are pushing the panic button way too early because you somehow expected instant results, when it doesn't always happen that way.

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