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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Not sure where some of you guys grew up. And what I am about to say may have been something that your fathers or grandfathers had to deal with when they were growing up.

My father told me that he was in no less than 12-15 fights JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD PRONOUNCE HIS LAST NAME WRONG.

I checked with my friends fathers and they confirmed that they too had numerous fights for the very same reason.

My father taught me that when someone mocked my last name, to beat the piss out of that person.

It's a matter of respect.

Now, if you listened to that tape, Domi stated that the elbow to Neids head was stupid, but ht took what Ulfie was saying as a form of dis-respect to his and his fathers last name and did what he did.

I had never heard that that was the reason he did what he did, but hearing that just now makes alot of sense for me.

I don't agree with it, but I at least understand it.

As a whole, he is 1000% correct about why we see guys taking liberties and getting hurt because the guys that are doing these things rarely have to stand and be counted because of the preventive 2-5-10 penalty that comes along with instigating.

Say what you want about Tie the player/person/enforcer but the message he delivered in this video clip is ****ing gospel.
There's a lot to that. My dad would tell me the same stuff about when he was growing up. Any kind of personal remarks last name or not---just the tone could set people off. And you had to look people in the eye. The neighborhood I grew up in was mainly Irish at one time but was kind of mixed but close by there were areas of primarily Polish or Italian kids and they stuck together. They were all working class. In a stretch of about 10 blocks there were three RC churches--Polish, Italian and Irish and they all competed against each other. They all had different schools. I was RC as well but I went to public school. The east side of town was primarily black. It was tribal wherever you went and you just didn't go walking around someone else's neighborhood.

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