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10-25-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by beef 4 lunch View Post
If there was some master plan for a new coach to take us over the hump, why trade our best scorer? Because he didn't mesh well with Torts. Torts was forced out by the players, and i dont think Sather intended on firing torts until he heard from his big players.
You're using the benefit of hindsight. You're assuming there was a plan in place to replace Torts when the Gaborik trade was made.

Originally Posted by beef 4 lunch View Post
And this roster is bad. there are good players but overall, they are where they belong.
The roster is not full of players who are going to thrive in the current system.

Originally Posted by beef 4 lunch View Post
Disagree. A more ridiculous suggestion is to think the Glen is simple minded enough to think that a new coach would take this roster to the Stanley Cup the first year. or the AV would be so bold as to promise that he could do that.
Oh, there's no doubt in my mind the Sather thinks that.

Originally Posted by beef 4 lunch View Post
That is not why you hire a coach. Don't you expect PLAYERS to adapt to the COACH? or the coach has the authority to bring players that play a style. Glen said that the rangers were unwatchable. AV style was supposed to address that, let him get the players he needs and implement the system.
No, there are more players than coaches. It's up to the coach to get the most out his players. Players can't make themselves skate faster or score more goals. You play to your team's strengths.

And I don't care if the team was unwatchable Being watchable isn't the goal. Winning is. And truth be told this season has been some of the most unwatchable hockey I've seen.

To let AV get the players he wants and implement his system is to just keep the revolving door going. So in three years they can get another coach and start the wheel of disfunction again?

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