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12-11-2006, 03:26 PM
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I don't see this as a great statistic to indicate that the Flames are scoring more than expected. Atleast not in the sense that Calgary has suddenly put to rest the concerns that people had with them.

If anything, I would say it's more of an statement about how Edmonton is coming up short in the goal scoring department more than anything else. Which I am sure makes everyone in Calgary just as happy anyways but that's besides the point...

Back to Calgary...

They are 11th out of 16 in Western Conference scoring so for starters I don't think Edmonton is the bench mark to which Calgary should really be judged.

In addition, the big critisism against Calgary heading into the season was that they had no secondary scoring with their forwards and looking at the numbers suggests that this is exactly the case.

Of Calgary's 76 Goals, 15 have been from the blueline and of the 61 goals scored by the forwards, 30 have been from the top line.

So does having 50% of your forward scoring coming from a single forward line really demonstrate scoring depth? I wouldn't think so.

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