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Originally Posted by mitchmagic View Post
That is always in reference to plot. New images, new styles, and new ways of seeing are always coming about. A modern filmmaker who continues to give the audience something new and fresh is Terrence Malick. The Tree of Life is one of the most stunning pieces of cinema in the last 20 years. Filmmakers like Wong Kar Wai, Michael Haneke, Harmony Korine, and Werner Herzog create a strong case against "the nothing is new" theory. They also leave Tarantino in their dust if we're going to talk about non-linear and unconventional filmmaking. Tarantino is as conventional as can be. He's pandering to the audience at this point while still being able to bask in his own self-indulgence. There is a difference too between inspiration and downright plagiarism.

Tarantino's work borders on cliché. It's just not good filmmaking, with a few exceptions. Django Unchained was nearly unwatchable because he just referenced his own films rather than referencing any other cinema. At least with films such as Kill Bill he's reaching out of his own repertoire.

The problem too lies that the substance of his films are purely superficial. The substance starts and ends with his smart references and snappy dialogue. There is not much else to his films aside from that. Which is a problem. If we are to create something truly unique and new, a filmmaker must move past the superficial. Someone like Harmony Korine uses images of the superficial in Spring Breakers to present interesting ideas about that superficiality that he's showing. The same can't be said for Tarantino.

Also, Jackie Brown might be his best film only because it's based on a source material that he didn't create.

That being said, his films can, at times, be good fun. Which is why I enjoy Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds. But, to me, his repertoire is spectacularly weak.
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