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12-11-2006, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big E View Post
As a native Minnesotan, a Minneapolis resident and a life-long Goofer fan, I figured y'all might want to know how David Fischer is doing.


He's a rarity. He's an actual 18 year old Frosh (most are 19-21 and play a year or two in the USHL). If it weren't for Erik Johnson impersonating Chris Pronger and Scott Stevens, we'd be talking about how awesome Fischer's been playing.

He's got a great skating stride, very solid defensively and a great passer. The Goofers play run-n-gun hockey, so he's definitely playing well defensively. He's got a pretty good extendo-stick ... you know ... when he reachs out and seems to get to pucks he otherwise shouldn't.

The Don roles three D pairings so he's getting plenty of ice time. Erik Johnson will be playing pro next season, so he'll have a leadership role on the team next season to really prove he's Da Bomb.

The Big E
I've seen almost every game of his and I don't think I would use the word great. He continues to improve, he's been very solid in his own end, aside from some rookie mistakes here and there that one would expect a true freshman. But offensively he's done nothing, he seems to always play it safe, which I have no problem with and not seeing any PP time effects his stats. I love his passing game though, very good passer, his best asset imo. His skating is good but I notice his stance is very wide, not knocking him, just pointing it out, doesn't seem to be any sort of problem at all. His speed is good and I'm surprised that he seems to do well in pinning forwards along the boards.

I'd like to see him shoot more, he never seems to shoot, I can't even recall any slap shots (not that defensemen need to slap the puck, just don't recall seeing him do so)

Yet he wasn't invited to the WJC US team...
Yes he was invited, and the reports from HF were that he had a very strong camp. I can't say cause I wasn't there. He didn't make the team this year, from what I understand 5 spots were locked up with returning players and the head coach of Minnesota (the #1 ranked team in the nation) and former Team USA WJC coach, asked Team USA not to take Fischer if he's not going to play. So Fischer still had the chance to get the last starting spot but imo he hasn't been all that noticeable. He's been solid in his own end for sure, blocking shots, good stick work, good along the boards, moves the puck well on the breakout, but only 3 assists, I can see why he didn't get the final spot.

The good news is that with Johnson leaving for the wjc's he will get his spot, so he might see some PP time now.

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