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10-25-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by hedba View Post
Get rid of goons, it's pathetic, look at Sabres, certainly working out for them... Detroit haven't had a goon in decades. Get some decent grinders that's just hard working and tough to play against.
Depends on what you mean by goon. If you mean a Brian McGrattan, then it's true they don't utilize that sort of player in their system.
But I would venture that Todd Bertuzzi and Darren McCarty among others have played the role of the tough guy on those Detroit teams. But the key word is "team" and "system" as well - the Flames historically are not a "soft" team or a "puck-possession" team and their identity doesn't lend itself to it.

Teams pick up players that fit their system. I'm not saying the Flames couldn't change their style of play, but that kind of culture is usually ingrained very deeply in a locker room and the front office/management identify the team that way as well.

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