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01-19-2004, 08:18 AM
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I wouldn't deal away Matty or Miller. Take a look around the league, there are plenty of defencemen who are well past the age of 30 who are among the best in the bus. We have two of them lads on our team and it aint like they are 39 and 40 (which would still be young enough if they were playing well) and starting to lose thier skills.

You have to look at what our Defence will look like next season (maybe in two years). Matty Miller Grebeshkov Gleason Lubo Modry with Kuznetsov Corvo Holland and Muir as available NHL (6th-7th) capable defencmen and highly regarded youngsters like Rome and Petiot to name a couple. We could use another Matty type of defencemen certainly to let us ease our tots into the league but not another young defencemen in my book.

You have a solid balance on our blue after this season and not a horrible one this one when Miller comes back (if he ever decides to). You have Matty, Miller Gleason and Grebeshkov (and this season to a lesser degree Norton) as the stay at home more traditional semi physical defenceman and Lubo Modry Corvo as the more mobile scoring threat types.

I wouldn't deal any of our defencemen. That is a brilliant group about to become amazing. You could get me to deal Corvo/Kuznetsov/Holland and Muir but then, you won't find teams lining up to try and pry them jewels away from us and at the end of the day, what would you want in return? I wouldn't move any of them unless it were a part of a bigger deal.

I doubt we will qualify Allison and that we can coun't on Deader retiring (sad and I do truly hope that he just gets better blast the game) leaving two significant holes up front for us. IF IF we are lucky enough to retain Ziggy then we will need another young talented ELITE center. I feel we can fill Deaders spot from within (not as well but we can) but we need a leader top line center.

Since there are going to be tons of great talented UFA's and such available to us (not that we ever go after ufa's but it is something to consider as we sometimes have) I don't see any reason for us to move any defence.

Matty is one of the best in the business today and Miller is vastly under rated and a true dandy that would be welcome on any team in the league. Modry is an All Star who is scoring well enough for a defencemen and while it is like he is a Chelios or close he is having a better defencive season this year as needs have dictated then ever and is valuable. Lubo were the leading scoring defencemen of his rook campaign and is having a wonderful year proving his self dynamite and a keeper.

Thats four well above average defencemen on our team. Four spots that we don't need to fill as of today. I wouldn't move them making another hole to fill. End novel.


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