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So alot of what to expect will depend on how the leagues in your area are run.

Usually Adult leagues are run pretty casually and may use USA hockey rules or may have their own house league rules.

I'm not sure how your games are scheduled but usually adult are 2-man games and youth are 3 man. As a level 1 ref you will probably never be partnered with another level 1 ref so, you will always have a more experienced partner. Depending on how many officials work for you Officiating league you will probably meet and and at some point work with all the official in your league. Some will be more helpful than others some you will work better with than others.

Usually when you start at a level 1 official you will only be allowed to officiate squirt and under and only the lowest level adult games.

These games will be pretty easy, when you do youth games you will be assigned as a linesman, which in squirt and under is the easiest thing. You games scheduler will probably not just throw you in the deep end to start. Lining all you call is offsides and icings basically.

The thing to learn at first is positioning and procedures.

In the 2 man Adult games you actually will be with another ref and have to take the role of linesman and ref. Work on the basic things at first positioning (when you are in the right position the calls make themselves) and procedures (face-offs, icings, offsides, penalty calls, goals) Learn how to communicate with your partner during play and read off of each other.

If you have the basic officials manual that has alot of your basic procedures in it. Good to know that stuff.

You really shouldn't get alot of coaches, parents or spectators getting on you at this level. It does happen but you learn how to deal with them. the best thing is to talk to them honestly and professionally. Remember at low levels you are also a teacher of the game and it is part of your job to explain the rules and how they are enforced. Why a penalty was called and why a penalty was not called.

You won't believe how much you will learn your first year officiating.

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