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12-11-2006, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Cory Sarich Fan View Post
Okay look, I'll agree that Denis should have held the post, no doubt about it. But if Boyle had played him the right way it wouldn't have mattered and we never would have known that he didn't have the post. How many times have we seen that same play and a guy circles around the net and gets of a decent centering pass? My point was this team does not finish their checks. There was no one else back there. Had Danny finished the damn check he probably could have skated away with the puck. But you guys just keep blaming pathetic fundemental defense on the goalie, go ahead.

Should Denis have had the post? Yes. But it shouldn't have come to that. And how many times this year has our goaltending bailed out our pathetic fundemental defense? We never talk about how the defense bailed the goaltending out, do we now?
To answer your last question first, technically yes. Janik bailed us out with two saves, and where was Denis? Huh?

All kidding aside, looking at it from your way, to me, both errors were fundamental problems. If you have either one, no goal, but if you have both it results in a goal.

Boyle should have finished the check—and so should the rest of the D (that Ranger play still irks me) because we should hit more and harder—but Denis should have also held the post. You have persuaded me enough, but I'll never see it as either being at more fault than the other. Both messed up and it resulted in a goal.

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