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I think Foster was pretty clearly the best member of that squad but in terms of best British player I couldn't rank him over Erhardt. I think he's pretty generally unknown/under-rated, I had him as one of my picks in the first All Time Draft, I don't think he's even been picked in a Minor League Draft since then.

Gerry Heffernan suggests that by going to Britain rather than stay in North America he ended up financially better off than the rest of his Allen Cup winning team-mates. Art Child, Foster's back-up at the Olympics, suggests something similar. I'd have to go digging through my books to get the exact references and I don't have time now
I have this. I donīt have link to the story but it was from Vern Degeers column from Windsor Daily.

Jimmy told the Ice Hockey World correspondent he is quite satisfied with London and although realizing how wonderful it would be to don a Toronto Maple Leafs uniform, he considers it wiser to wait a little longer before taking the plunge into professional ranks," the article reads.
Basically the turning professional thing is bull... Foster was part of the first wave of senior/minor pro Canadians (and Canadian trained) going to Britain. I have understood that it was valid option at that time and they payed well. And its easy to believe that Fosters market value after the Olympics was quite high. I am not quite sure but if the one-year deal offered meaned that after that Foster was "unrestricted free agent" it means that Conn Smythe was even ready to offer a very low risk deal (much later edit. I have to admit that I donīt know what were all the downsides of being openly pro and its effects on pension and so on) . Many players were stuck with "never-ending" bad contracts with NHL teams.

Here is another from 1934 when he was still playing at Moncton Hawks.

Mcgill Daily - Mar 19, 1934
He came in Moncton in 1930 and was the original goaler for the Hawks. This year he was made their captain. Foster is recognized by many critics as the best amateur goalie in Canada and his services have been sought by atleast one National Hockey team.

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