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Originally Posted by Mikos87 View Post
They aren't going to play that way unless they have guys that will have their backs. Same applies for any hockey player.

Players will confidently in put their body on the line if they know the next guy will do the same, and will step up in case something happens. That's hockey. It's what its been, and what it always will be.

When you take a roster packed with guys that were warriors out there, every game, night in, night out, who had a pack mentality, and weren't going to surrender an inch, and you take that and replace it with some sissy soft euroleague frenchie bull****, and only back it up with a shorty that takes a good beating.... well you can't blame Stepan, Kreider, and the rest of the guys for not playing physical.

People are products of their environment. And since the Rangers have been all about making excuses, well I figure I might as well join in the act.
Agree 100% with this^^

On Kreider, I will personally give him a pass until he gets a true chance with this team. What I mean is, for him to produce, he must play at least 10-15 games (good or bad) top 6 minutes with top 6 forwards (yeah very hard to find on this team, especially now with all these injuries). I will give him a pass because he has produced in the playoffs especially 2 yrs ago, and to me that gives him a lot of leeway, especially over others currently on this team.
I've said this from day one regarding Kreider, that he reminded me of Pacioretty from the Habs. Same build, American, first round pick and highly touted. Patch bounced around for a few yrs between Mtl and Hamilton (Habs AHL team), and he got fed up and actually told the media that if he was going to be called up and NOT play on the top 2 lines he'd rather stay in the AHL the whole year, because he was a top 6 player, and needed to play in that role in the NHL for him to succeed. Of course that caused an uproar in Montreal, but hey, the guy was right, he needed to be in the right environment to succeed! Now, he's arguably Montreal's top offensive player. Hope the same happens with Kreider.
On Stepan, let's relax here, he also started slow last year, and I believe the year before, so let's wait before we run him out of town! Especially since he missed training camp and hasn't really played with any top line players yet.

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