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10-26-2013, 11:14 AM
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I really don't see what all the panic is about. They haven't had the entire lineup healthy together for one game yet. Not one. Hank has been injured since the second game. Nash didn't even play enough to start scoring. Callahan was getting back to speed when he was injured. Hagelin is a beast on the forecheck and a solid possession player and he hasn't even played a second yet. The guys out there now are the guys who score with others - they don't lead the scoring. Yes, it'd be nice if they did, but not every player is that type of player, and thats fine most of the time because team's don't lose all of the guys who take charge at once usually. Brassard will pick up the scoring when players come back and people slot into their "normal" spots, as will Stepan and a few other guys.

There are excuses and then there are reasons. Excuses get people out of responsibility, reasons explain why people dropped/ are dropping the ball without negating that there's a problem. The injuries are reasons that this team can't get it together. They started very, very poorly, and still haven't gotten the opportunity to turn themselves around. It sucks, but it's really not that shocking or worrying to me. Hank will be back soon. Hagelin is back very soon. Callahan will be back very soon. Nash, who knows? Still, those three will make a big difference. If they come back, the team has a few games to gel with everyone in their right spots and they still lose this much, then I'll wonder if it's worth keeping this squad together. For now, this is a very unfortunate time for very unfortunate injuries and the start of a coaching change that probably should never have happened.

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