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Honeslty, I think Mccaron might just be adapting because OHL is still a competitive league despite being juniors. I agree, the comparison with lucic shouldn't have been made because Lucic was already in the league at 17. I don't think you guys realize that OHL is still a high level of competition. He will be just fine, again like I mentioned it's not the production that worries me. He has flaws in his game. Corey Locke was a monster in juniors but never amounted to anything in the NHL. It's not just about stats its about flaws in the game. I don't see the complete package in Mccaron to be a solid power forward in the NHL and this includes speed. He moves well for a huge guy but for me it's still not enough. Time will tell, let time be the judge here guys.

Timmins is a TREMENDOUS scout but like everyone he has weaknesses. What I dont like about Timmins he really likes big americans that have some potential. Problem is that these guys haven't played in the OHL and have adapt to higher leagues. Pacioretty was a great pick but what about Fisher? Fischer couldn't even make a name for himself in the ECHL. It just shows you the huge gap of competition and the adaption these US guys have to make. OHL guys have generally a huge advantage in development. Tinordi (time will tell)? I remind you that even if LL is quebecer he was drafted out of the USHL. We are still wondering if Leblanc can play in the NHL or not. Mcdonagh was a good pick too even if he isn't with us. Thing is, we also have such a good eye for talent in Europe. We can take examples of Mark Streit and many more...and I absolutely believe that Nygren is NHL material. He was named the best D in Sweden meaning it wasn't the norris but just a trophy for the best D overall. Size is his only knock but despite that he has a good game overall.

I am just saying that Timmins shouldn't look for those americans in the first rounds where there is a big pool of talent for OHL and from Europe. I mean it's the first round, YOU DON'T PICK A PROJECT in the first round. A player that `` MIGHT `` have the tools to become something big 3 years from now AT LEAST. Some of these US players go to college so that's 4 years + AHL seasoning. An ohl player could be ready right away, look at Sean Monahan or Galchenyuk. In 2012, if we hadn't a pick in the top 5, Im wondering if Timmins woulda went for the best US player available again.

The Pacioretty pick was spot ON but I do believe in the first round you gotta pick more projectable players. Tinordi seems to be a good bottom 4-6 D but in the first round? You see the flaw?

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