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01-19-2004, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
Oh stop, please! When the Flyers went to the Cup finals the same thing happened, and if they went this year the same thing would happen again. Would you complain about that? Something tells me that you couldn't get enough pep rallies and news coverage if this was about the orange-and-black. At least be honest enough to admit that this really is about your dislike, not the fans and the media coverage.
You are wrong here, Dedulas. Nothing compares to how overboard the media & fans go on the Eagles. It's to the extreme! It is out of control. They weren't like this for the Phils in '93, Flyers in '97, or the Sixers in '01. They go too far. Sure, people hop on a bandwagon, for a team making a nice run in the playoffs, and that's ok. Enough of the "big story", being a football game. It's not like that for the other 3 sports. This lead in, is not just the nite before the game, it's a freakin week long, on the local news! Do channel's 2,4,5,7 &11, make the Devils or Nets playoff run, the lead story in the news? I highly doubt it. Hiow about the Giants or Jets recent playoff runs? Where they the lead story?

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