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10-26-2013, 12:39 PM
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Anybody else getting a little sick of troll CFL officiating?

I'm generally not one to complain about officiating be we often seem to get the ****** end of the stick. On one pass into the endzone that was likely to be a TD a Leo runs RIGHT INTO an Esks receiver. Oh, buts in accident, it prevented a TD but he didn't meant to do that.

Then, to add misery, as the Leos are piling up pts theres a Leos toss to the endzone that is overthrown. Reciever not getting there anyway. But the official, standing there in the endzone leaning forward like he's a track official waving the checkered flag is going to throw the flag. You know he's going to throw the flag, he wants to throw the flag, of course he throws the flag. ****ing jackarse. Leos get the gift PI TD (there should be a league stat on this we'd be getting the bums rush any year going)

For awhile I would just shake my head thinking, well, its CFL officiating, maybe it'll even out. Does it? How many weird games have we been screwed by the officiating. I can't remember many where its helped us much.

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