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10-26-2013, 01:22 PM
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The state of the team has little to do with Eakins coaching ability and everything to do with the order in which this team has been rebuilt imo. The available first overall picks were all forwards, when the Oilers were drafting them. The team would have looked ridiculous drafting defenseman instead of the forwards who were the clear number one overall choices (with possibly one exception). Eakins is in a difficult position right now, but it's all circumstantial and not a reflection of coaching.

Most rebuilding teams build from their goaltender out, whereas the Oilers have built from a core of young forwards in. Our defense will be in good shape in a few years; we've restocked the cupboard with prospects and our offense will be in good shape as well in a few years, but the Oilers would have had more success sooner imo, if they had rebuilt the team from their goaltending out, surrounding him with a strong defensive core, and then acquiring skilled young forwards. The difficulty is that you really have to draft the best player available.

However, none of this is Eakins' fault, it is what it is. Though we would all like it to be otherwise--and perhaps MacT got our hopes up--patience is still the order of the day, for a little while longer, at any rate. This team will come together, eventually. Our young defensive prospects will change the composition of this team. They will be its backbone.

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