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10-26-2013, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
Hudon is having a good sequence, he's now 16pts in 14 games.
He's looked better as the season has gone on, thought he wasn't looking himself early on and seemed to be playing more aggressive/chippy style of play but wasn't moving his feet as much as I've seen him in the past. Should be interesting to see what happens if/when he's traded.

Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
I think people who expect these high picks to come to junior and "dominate" instantly are those who don't watch much junior. And as Grant said, a player like McCarron is not the type to dominate offensively for a while.

But Marc has a valid point. I speak routinely with London fans who believe it is certainly fair to say he's been a tad underwhelming so far. Having said that, it's also worth noting that the entire London team has been a tad underwhelming based on expectations. They'll all be fine in time.
in the London games I've seen, I haven't been very impressed with London on the whole but haven't seen any games recently. I was very impressed with McCarron before the injury but after he seemed to be getting less ice time and wasn't anywhere near as physical (which I assume he was told to take it easy since he returned so quickly from the shoulder injury)

Originally Posted by KFlint View Post
Anyone saw Connor Crisp play this year? What does he look like? 13 points in 11 games so far, guess not many here such a start...
I've seen a little so far, liked what I've seen and have heard good things, saying that he's been a good veteran presence on the club. He seems to get a good amount of ice, plays in the top 6 and PP at least from what I've seen. I hope to see him more as the season goes on as he's having a solid start to the year.

Should be fun watching him in Hamilton next year.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Make it 5 games without a point for McCarron after Erie trounces them 5-1 tonight.

I don't know how some of you aren't at least a bit concerned. His production would be concerning for a 3rd rounder, let alone a 1st.

I wonder if he's still hurting from that shoulder injury he came back really quickly from. That would be a pretty decent reason, but why is he playing if that's the case?
I'm not the least bit concerned since I saw how he looked at the lake placid camp, preseason and how he looked pre shoulder injury in London. I would give just give it time, it's a very long season and we are only weeks into it.

Originally Posted by 24get View Post
So far Grégoire and Crisp are very good surprise.
We need to wait in all cases.

As far as McCarron is concerned, I just hope he can start scoring to play with USA team in WJC.
Anyway he is a long term project: he will spend two years in OHL and probably another one in AHL.
He should get an invite to the winter camp (5-6 weeks away), but if he doesn't make it, I would think he'll be there in 2015.

Originally Posted by brec7 View Post
How much is McCarron playing? London is loaded this year, is he even seeing that much ice time?
since returning from the shoulder injury, in the games I've seen he hasn't gotten a lot of ice time.

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