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10-26-2013, 02:51 PM
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I startet following Rangers when Zuke came. Been a hockey fan (and player) since I was a kid, but never cared much about the NHL before. Mostly Norwegian and Swedish hockey. Didn't have any feelings towards any franchises, despite Edmonton, Flyers, Colorado and Columbus had Norwegain players at some point. Now I follow Rangers every game, and pretty sure I will continue to be a Rangers fan after Zuke's left. Last season I saw the entire play off and most games, despite them starting at 2 am and kids getting up at 6 am. These past years haven't excactly been a display of Barcelona equivalent of hockey IMO, and the quality of New fans (as mentioned) might reflect that Didn't choose Rangers, but Zuke chose it for me And now I'm stuck with the Bickels and the Dorsetts. All my favourite teams are cronic underperfomers it seems, but you get used to the pain. Boyle is actually one of my favourites now. But Really hope Zuke would stick around though. I'm first and foremost a hockey fan, and really eager for the sport to have a larger impact back home. Zuke is our poster boy, but Rangers consequently the team with most media attention in Norway. I am sure Zukemania are recruiting many Rangers fans in Norway that will stick long after he's gone. Worst case scenario would be if he got picked up by Islanders or Devils or something. Still haven't been able to get to the MSG but hope soon. Have several friends that went last season, and also for the Swedish matches. When Rangers pick up, and entertain, maybe so will the fans? Until then, quantity is better than nothing

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