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10-26-2013, 06:05 PM
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yeah, the instigator penalty is really dumb.

i'm wondering if some sort of "recklessness" system can be used. sort of like the point system you get from driving violations. you accrue points over your career, more points for more reckless acts, and the severity of your suspension and future suspensions is amplified by how many points you've accrued.

At some point, you have so many points, you know the next suspension, however small is going to be for the rest of the season, or 25 games, something epically massive (especially the lost pay from such a suspension).

Your recklessness points would also effect how much you can get in contract negotiations much in the same way it would affect a player with multiple concussion history. The concussion prone guy might be one concussion away from retirement. The reckless guy would then be one reckless hit away from a 1 year suspension (which I think should still eat up one of the team's 50 contracts so while retirement by concussion sucks waaaay more, it would have some much more serious consequences). That would be a potential system for accountability.

maybe you can shed points after a 5 year good behavior period? i don't know how that works with driver's licenses.

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