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10-26-2013, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
The defensive coverage hasn't been great, I agree. But the difference on a lot of the losses this season has been a single save.

Winnipeg, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Islanders, and now this game. That's 5 games we've lost by a single goal. Granted Dubnyk played well in the Islanders game so I don't blame him, but the others we could've salvaged points if the goaltender made one extra save.

The Coyotes in this game had numerous defensive breakdowns and we took advantage. The problem is they couldn't rely on their own goalie.

I can understand if we get outplayed or outtalented and lose. But more often than not this team has deserved a better fate. This game was another example, we should've at least had a point.

Eventually the players are going to wonder what it's going to take to get a win when they can't rely on their goaltending to do anything.

At the very least Dubnyk seems to have turned a corner, but I think LaBarbera's time has run out.
Your right, but I go back to the first Washington game. Someone posted a graphic highlighting the shots for and against.

~70% of Washington's shots were from the slot. If your hellbent on using the swarm D, you can't be giving up quality shots on a crappy D. You need players if you want it to work. Yeah our goaltenders don't make the timely saves, but giving up consistent shots from good scoring angles definitely won't help.

i just say fix both.

<-- Credit goes to Joel Ward
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