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10-26-2013, 07:59 PM
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I just don't understand why it's hard for fans to see that this team has so little talent. The Isles have 2 players with more points than this entire team has goals. I'm not even comparing us to elite teams yet, just the "above average" Isles!

Other teams have so much talent and depth, their "decent" players are actually superb and shine on other teams. Dave Bolland on Chicago was a nice player - now on Toronto he has 8 points in 11 games. Similarly with Ladd and Versteeg - top 6 players on other teams. Chicago is so deep they've lost players better than most on this team and STILL have an elite core of talent left! Let's not even talk about the Penguins.

We are so desperate for success we fawn over mere potential like Kreider (who shows little real hope of being elite) or a solid player like Stepan (about as talented as Chicago or Pittsburgh's secondary players - nowhere near elite).

We buy into Zucc as a scoring solution - with zero points. We think Pouliot will finally fulfill his potential - with 1 point over 9 games and no hockey IQ. We hope Brassard can be a true clutch performer but the jury is still out with this mediocre start.

We waste roster space on journeyman like Pyatt and D. Moore. We overrate crap grinders, most recently Boyle who is 4th line 5 minutes a game on a good team. We call our steady and solid defensive core "elite" when they're just above average - there's not a Leetch to be found in this organization.

The current game vs. Detroit is classic Rangers. Slow start down 1-0. Tie the game and give it up quickly with a goal (especially good at SH or PPG against when they can barely score). Probably yet another 2-1 loss (I bet they've lost more 3-2 or 2-1 games over the last 4 years than the entire decade of the 90's).

This is ultimately about the Dolans and their love affair with Slats regardless of performance. He's not held to the same level of accountability as other teams who actually have to improve over the course of a decade. So we suffer year after year with a marginally good to occasionally very good team that has no real chance in hell at the cup.

This year might just be that truly miserable year where we at least get a top 5 pick (any maybe, just maybe we don't pull another Jessiman out of our a$$ses). I'm happy to suffer for that because suffering through no playoffs or mostly early exits sucks much more and I'm tired of it.

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