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12-12-2006, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Vakar Lajos View Post
To chime in on the Warranty debate. A lot stores won't deal with the Warranty now and will direct you directly to the manufacturer for the fact that they are sick of losing money on the deal.

Also, the cost of the sticks is not that different from the price you buy them for. Shops aren't making that much on the sticks (compared to other consumer products).
Well comming from you I know I can expect a true response since you worked in a pro job and I respect you.

Im sorry to all that i've taken advantage of the warranty....fine me, sue me whatever. But my friend is REALLY the one to blame (i'm not holding a gun to his head)........I have the cash to buy new sticks but seriously...when my bud says he can get me a new one for free by making a fake receipt....i'm not turning it down....i'm not that rich just yet

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