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10-26-2013, 09:55 PM
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Toffoli: The experiment moving Richards to wing and Carter to center was to get Toffoli into the line up... Currently there is William/Carter/Frattin/Nolan (Lewis) on the right side. Even with moving Lewis to center and running something like Clifford/Lewis/Nolan you still have Williams/Carter/Frattin/Nolan on the right. Since none of those can switch to the left moving Carter to center is about the only way they are going to find space for Toffoli. Running 3 centers (11,77,10) down the middle would require more talent then kings have now and would take some major rearranging. Don't see it.

So that leaves us with Pearson getting the call up more then likely. Which will make it interesting to see who DS puts on which line between Brown/King/Pearson.

Who do you cut.

-Ellerby: hasn't played a game yet and hasn't been cut yet... have a feeling he's not getting cut yet. It would make too much sense.

-Fraser: I believe Vey/Andreoff are not waiver exempt next year (could be wrong) if that is the case Fraser will probably lose his spot on the team by next year. Could be throwing Lewis out there instead.

-Stoll: HAHAHHA I'll believe that one when I see it.

-Clifford: don't see it... 22 years old... knows the system... plays hard.

-Carcillo: 2 games ago got demoted off the 2nd line because they couldn't clear the zone. Last game 4th line Carcillo/Fraser/Nolan got about 5 mins.... i could see Carcillo moved.

-If Dean wakes up and remembers he lives in crazy town we could see something like Williams for Moulson and a Toffoli call up. (not saying this should be done)

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