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10-26-2013, 10:45 PM
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so many moving parts to make a call.

if ellerby is waived and sent to MAN this imo is the least 'loss' to the team in the long run. if he's picked up then it isn't that big of a loss.

he could trade either Muzz or AMart. i think Muzz would return more than Alec due to his size and the possibilities that may come with his improvement. if Alec is traded then it will D Sydor V2, the 2013 copy. i don't think he will fetch as much as Muzz, even though he was a solid #5-6 on a SC winning team. personally i will be pissed if AMart is traded, the same way i was when Sydor was traded. i hate seeing the guy sit and be a scapegoat though.

i think Clifford could return something. there always has been very good interest for him. yes he is one of the only natural LWs on the team and in the system, but i honestly think Clifford keeps regressing. i can't believe i'm saying this but i would be fine with Clifford moving on. why to come later

i agree with others though that Dean needs to move some of the redundant grinders we have. we have a glut of guys that filling spots and aren't providing much and the cost each season only continues to increase for all of them (i know that currently the MAN kids have higher ELC amounts than many of the current roster players). my point is eventually the likes of Nolan, Fraser, Carcillo will have to be moved due to cap room.

i hate seeing 2-3 spots tied up on a roster that can be used to mentor young prospects into a team. there should a regular process of these kids coming in 1-2 at a time for the proverbial 'cup of coffee'. it provides a two way exchange for the org and the player to learn and evolve. right now and for years this 'pipeline' has been shut off. it is time for this be opened again. perhaps if this had happened a few years back one of our LW spots would be filled by Bud and the LW woes would be slightly less.

like others i think it will Pearson, BUT..... it may be TTT if they try sliding 10 to LW and 77 to C. at this point then it will be 73 skating RW on that line. honestly though i don't see that happening. i also don't like the message it sends to Tyler after he had a very good late season stint with the team. it could F with his mind.

i think Pearson gets the call and he skates on the top line with 11 and 14. Brown still isn't up to top form to be skating the top line. i also like having him down with the third line to bring some talent and balance that line has lacked for far to long.

how this shakes out in the long run though, may be the beginning of a substantial overhaul. DL could make a big move by packaging Stoll-Clifford-Martinez/Muzzin-any 4th line plugger. he could clear over $5M in cap room by moving just three of them. once done then he has room to reslot guys into their natural spots and clears room for a deadline deal. what it means is they reload with some youth and deal with some bumps in the road, and us idiots that over criticize everything.


X = Nolan, Carcillo
Frattin/Brown can easily be swapped as needed. i would like to see Brown on the #2 line to provide that size and grind down low. Frattin could go into that line against speedier teams.

i know most hate it. i know Sutter would never commit to it. hell he wouldn't put that many rookies out there together at once. short term there would be some rough patches, but in the long term this WILL be close to what LA plays every night.

rip away

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