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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Really? That works for you? No wonder people hate refs and think they have a god complex.

Be in position so you can sell your calls, you can't call offside call from center ice and not have folks screaming at you, if you're on the blueline people can't squawk as much. Don't make a call just because it looks like it should have been a penalty, either you know it is or it's not. Talking to coaches works for some, not for others, so maybe your best approach to a coach that questions all your calls is to just do your job and ignore him, you don't owe him an explanation.
Yeah it works. You have to say it in a friendly tone and laugh/smile. After this all communication with is cut off with the coach until the post game handshake. I'll talk to coaches until they lose that privilege.

Not a god like complex at all. This is reffing squirts/peewees/bantams in Minnesota.

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