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10-27-2013, 04:28 AM
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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
I respect Keenan, he says one bad thing and 10 good things about Russian, KHL hockey. He is also done an extremely good job with MNK, considering the changes in the composition of the team from the prior year.
Well the changes were all for the better. Unlike Traktor and Avangard MMG really worked well in the offseason. The solved their goaltending problems by signing Koshechkin. They signed Zaripov. Kovar looks like he's a great signing too. Haven't lost any of the young players. They are supposed to be doing good. I don't how much Keenan is in this team as at times I had the impression the assistants would run the show, but I can't blame Keenan for anything of course and it's just an impression from someone who has no idea what's really going on in the locker room. MMG is well in shape this season. The things he said about the league are pretty much his opinion and I wouldn't expect a canadian coach to be concerned with the development of russian young players. His job is to run this one team.

His remarks about Canadians winning like everything in the past though are really far off.

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