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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
here's what i got so far.

Mr. Dolan,

Iím not a fool. I know the odds of you reading this are slim to none, however, to the person who is actually reading this, I sincerely hope you will forward this to Mr. Dolan.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is XXXXXXXXXXX. Iíve been a New York Rangers fan my entire life of 33 years. My love of hockey actually led me to meet my wife, a hockey fan and player herself. I live, eat, sleep, and breathe New York Rangers hockey. Iíve run a New York Rangers website since 2006. In short, Iím about as passionate a New York Rangers fan as youíll meetÖ.and I do all this, from Atlanta Georgia.

Yes, I grew up and lived in New York as a child, but when I moved to Atlanta my love of the Rangers followed me. Like many Rangers fan the ability to watch the sport using NHL Center Ice has been a gift from God. It became especially important when the ability to see my beloved Rangers in person was taken away from me by the Winnipeg Jets ownership group.

Iíve watched nearly every game for the past 20 years. Iíve watched Eric Lindros in a Rangers jersey, Iíve watched teams with Dave Karpa miss the playoffs year after year. Iíve seen John Tortorella get into a medieval joust with a Washington Capitals fan, and Iíve seen countless years of horrific hockey, and a few years of some brilliant hockey. 1994, 1997, and 2012 were some great years, and there have been many miserable years in between.

However, nothing, I repeat, nothing has been as awful to watch as this team has been this year. I feel as if watching my beloved team is actually causing me physical pain. After every game I get borderline nauseous watching this disturbing season unfold. In all my time as a Rangers fan I canít ever recall a team that has been this pitiful offensively, this terrible defensively, awful in net, and, most frustratingly of all, I canít recall a team that has lacked more in desire.

These guys donít care.

So, I come to the point of this letter. Iíve never written to you, your company, or anyone in the Rangers or Cablevision organization. But today, that changes. Today, I am sending you a bill. Attached to this letter is an invoice for $159.96. The cost of my non-refundable subscription to NHL Center Ice. Iím not sure how you, in good conscience expect any die-hard fan to pay said bill while the team is performing the way they are on the ice. I pay for my subscription to watch New York Rangers hockey, thus far all I have gotten is some weird hockey snuff film. Watching my team get killed every night while asking me to pay 160 bucks is sick, itís twisted, and itís unacceptable.

Please remit payment by cash, check, or money order, we both know youíre good for it Mr. Dolan.

Kindest Regards,

Are you serious with this nonsense? So, you deserve a special refund if your team doesn't play well while the billions of other sports fans around the world get nothing? Gimme a break. There isn't a guarantee that the teams you cheer for will be good. You don't buy an NHL package or pay for cable and sign a contract that states, this contract is only valid if my sports teams don't stink. If you have gotten to that point where you have to write nonsense like that, jump ship and become a BlackHawks fan.

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