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10-27-2013, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Hey what you at least could do is to present them in adjusted stats. Obviously it will not bring Marios even strenght numbers up to Waynes anyway, but what it will do, is make both Marios 199 season, and his elite seasons after that, up to a very much more impressive total. Lets not forget that Wayne had his peak in partly another scoring era.
Partly another scoring era? Seriously? It was only 2 freakin years previous and the last year I presented for Gretzky (86/87) was an even lower scoring year than Mario's (88/89).

Give your head a shake, the scoring average over the 6 years I presented for Gretzky was 7.78 GpG, 88/99 was 7.48 GpG.

There is absolutely no reason for reducing these numbers into Adjusted Stats, NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!

Just so Gretzky's 85/86 year can show 115 ES points to Mario's 85 ES points in 88/89 instead of 143 - 102?

Gimme a break, especially considering that the whole point of what I posted was to show the difference in the amounts and ratio that each player scored at ES and on the PP.

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