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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Partly another scoring era? Seriously? It was only 2 freakin years previous and the last year I presented for Gretzky (86/87) was an even lower scoring year than Mario's (88/89).

Give your head a shake, the scoring average over the 6 years I presented for Gretzky was 7.78 GpG, 88/99 was 7.48 GpG.

There is absolutely no reason for reducing these numbers into Adjusted Stats, NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!

Just so Gretzky's 85/86 year can show 115 ES points to Mario's 85 ES points in 88/89 instead of 143 - 102?

Gimme a break, especially considering that the whole point of what I posted was to show the difference in the amounts and ratio that each player scored at ES and on the PP.
I know what you wanted to do. But you also now brought up one single season for Gretzky that was during a lower scoring year than Lemieux:s 1988/89, besides 1986/87 that in my mind does not compare to Lemieux:s season in question. That's all you had to come with in terms of Gretzky not playing in a higher scoring era. But guess what, he mainly DID. And why do you compare Lemieux:s one season with a whole row of Gretzky seasons, why did you not also bring Lemieux:s 1992/93 and 1995/96 into play? I saw a very interesting post in the center project-thread btw; Did'nt Lemieux through his way of play simply draw more penalties from the opposition than Gretzky did?

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