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Originally Posted by siegeofshanghai View Post
Lemiuex was the better player in history. Gretzky barely had any injury problems in his career while Mario battled cancer, back problems, and still scored almost 200 points.

I also heard stories that Mario was extremely lazy with workouts and had bad eating habits. Imagine if he workout like todays nhlers. Guy was a freak of nature.
How does any of that make Lemieux the better player? If I have to choose between 2 guys who, at their best were pretty close but:

Player 1 scored nearly as many points on PPG basis, looked better on film, but had more injury problems, more health issues, and played way fewer games in his career. Often looked like he would beat all the major records but never could. Even in his best seasons didn't quite match the PPG pace of player 2.

Player 2 scored more points overall, more on PPG basis, had a longer and healthier career, broke all the major records, won twice as many championships, 3x as many MVP awards, more scoring titles, was better in the playoffs, but just didn't look as impressive on Youtube...

How can I honestly say that I'd pick player 1? Are Youtube highlights REALLY more important than everything else Gretzky accomplished over and above Lemieux? At their best they were close, but Gretzky was at his best longer, more consistently, and frankly still better even peak vs peak, let alone the chasm between their career values.

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