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10-27-2013, 10:26 AM
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Half off all drinks* and hot dogs today, but I don't see it putting butts in seats. Problem is, when you're charging people $5 for a bottle of Pepsi.. yes.. the bottles you get at vending machine for $1.. even at $2.50 it's finally just hitting "almost acceptable." I didn't get a hot dog on opening night, but I did get pretzels and cheese at $6.50. They were gross, by the way.. ended up giving them to my 6 year old son, who happily ate the tasteless cardboard.

For those comparing Chill and the Blues, I have to LOL. Maybe even LMAO. When I said "For $32 I'll just go to a Blues game," I meant, "$32 is overpriced for this level of hockey, and I'd rather pay a little extra and go see actual stars."

As I've said previously, this team won't last past the year. With such dismal attendance so far, I'm not even sure how they rebound. Can't reduce ticket prices or otherwise season ticket holders will get pissed.

Sad thing was I was probably their prime target market: late 20s/early 30s male, big family, business owner, huge hockey fan. I was considering getting season tickets for a couple seats or even a sponsorship, but the prices of both tickets and concessions will keep me away beyond maybe a few games this season. And now that I've seen them reduce ticket prices the day of the game (for the home opener, for which I bought three tickets at regular price), I won't ever buy tickets in advance again.

*Another chapter in the How Not to Run an Organization and Treat Fans, the Chill just posted on Facebook that only SELECT drinks are half off... while over the course of the past 2-3 days they've been saying it's half off ALL drinks. Hilarious. It's like they think we won't notice when you reduce prices on the day of the game, screwing over those of us who paid full price or for season tickets, or when you change your deals.

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