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01-19-2004, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
Frolov needs to shoot the puck, if he isn't shooting he should take it to the net, not around it, and if he happens to be knocked to the ice he may then pass it from his prone position. Let Barney clean up the garbage. No more looking to be passing first.

Barney reminds me of Charlie Simmer. Could we be that lucky twice?

I still think that a line of Frolov on LW with Camms at center and then Brown or Klatt but maybe now Klatt as the primary and Barney as the second option would be brilliant. My mate says that Aulin should be back before too long and that there is a good shot at his seeing some ice time with the Kings this season. He has gained some muscle (appears) while injured and done allot of strength training in his legs as well. With Frolov proving his self a bonified star quality LW and Camms has proven that with even decent ice time and line mates he can too and Barney with his deader light type of scrum/drive of the net we look pretty good. Add in Aulin and Brownie and we sure look like a really talented young team right away.

I don't know if he is like Simmer but I would say Barney has some Deader in his game although, it is surely too early to make any real comparisons. It is nice to see some flashes. Imagine how great Al Murray and DT will look if Barney pans out as well.

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