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12-12-2006, 11:46 AM
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Was the step from the SEL to the NHL bigger then what you though?
- No, i was very well prepared both mentally and physically. I had a good camp and was surprised when i was sent down in the last cut.

You ended up in the farm-team Peoria Rivermen in the AHL, how was that?
- It was a boring city, there was nothing to do. I've probably seen every movie in the theater that there is to see, just to walk my dog i had to take the car and go 10 minutes away.

What was the standard of the hockey?
- I didn't like the way we played hockey. It was a very strict game, we stood still and there was no speed. It was not developing for myself and after a month i just wanted out. The joy disappeared, the fun was taken out of the game.

How was the mood among the players on the team?
- They were great guys, but there you mostly play for yourself and not as a team. For example in a 2-1 players mostly shot the puck. Afterwards there were big piles of paper filled with stats which the players read to see how they had performed.

Did you and your girlfriend lived in a hotel during the entire stay?
- No, in St. Louis i lived in a guest-room in Christian Bäckman's house. When i got demoted we lived in a hotel-room for a month before moving in with a teammate in his new house in which we rented a room. Sure it was a hassle but we kept our spirits up.

Both Joel Lundqvist and Loui Eriksson has been recalled and got their chance in the NHL, couldn't you have waited a bit longer?
- I would have gotten my chance if someone on the 1st or 2nd line got injured, but it felt difficult, waiting around for an injury. If i have made a decision it doesn't matter what happens, i'm not the kind of person that regret my actions.

Have your self-confidence been lowered
- No, i know what i feel and i don't feel low. Quite the opposite, i'm very hungry now, my legs are tingling and i look forward to every game.

Have you gotten anything out of your stay in the USA?
- Everything makes you tougher, and if nothing else you know how incredibly good you have it here at home. As a hockey-player it's possible that my shot is a bit faster

Have you given up on the NHL or do you want to try again?
- Right now my mind is only on Frölunda and i'm fully focused on that. But i definitely want to play in the NHL before i retire from hockey. I know myself and know i can work there.
This is quite a literal transcript, hence it comes out quite weird at some places. Some questions/answers are weird in swedish as well.

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