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10-27-2013, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
I don't understand what you mean.

Example: we trade josi for voracek
We trade say bourque/fisher/Cullen (examples) and get a top 4 defenseman back.

So hypothetically we would lose josi and a top six forward and in return we would get voracek and a top four dman.
In theory, sure. In practice, it doesn't work that way.

Philly's blueline is in a state such that they have a few washed-up vets and too many kids still learning the job. Josi would be potentially welcome while healthy, but that's it - he wouldn't be a savior. Certainly not enough for Voracek straight up, considering that Voracek and Giroux did so well together last year.
(Consider also the response that such speculation is getting in this T&R thread...)

As for trading Bourque, or Fisher, or Cullen... well, you *might* get a top-4 defenseman, but the emphasis would be on the "4". Certainly not someone anywhere near Josi's upside. The going rate for top-4 defensemen in exchange for forwards is usually someone who can at least pot 15 goals or more. The only guy in that group who meets that criteria is Fisher, and I think that would be a Very Bad Move for the Preds.

Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
With jones, weber, Klein, ekholm, and a newly acquired top four dman our defense is still very impressive. But more importantly, we finally have a young offensive weapon that has proven what he is capable of in the NHL and we can build the offense around him and forsberg and hopefully even Wilson.
As one who is very familiar with Voracek and how he plays the game, trust me - he'd basically be Erat 2.0. Very valuable, but not a star and not a go-to weapon. He's not a go-to weapon in Philly either, for that matter; he just plays really damn well with Claude Giroux.

Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
Our defense is simply awesome currently, but our offense is just brutal. So making these two moves would make a ton of sense, as long as we could find a team wanting one of our current top six forwards for a top four dman. Which I'm sure we can find. It's not exactly a where's Waldo search lol.
Hon? There's lots of teams searching for exactly that with exactly those requirements. Look at Detroit's efforts to replace Quincey, for example. It is not nearly as simple as you blithely assume.

(And last I checked, the defense is having severe depth issues as is. The top pairing is great, and the second pairing is doing well, but the third... Oh, the third. )

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