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12-12-2006, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I think Souray's defensive contributions are consistently underrated. He may not "excel" at that game, but he generally holds his own and gets consistent PK time. He has his deficiencies to be sure, but he's no Brisebois. But anyway, even assuming for the point of some absurd argument that he was actually an outright liability on defense, I still don't see why on earth we'd trade him: we're 16-8 and in 4th in the conference? If we can manage that with Souray as a defensive liability - and have the PK and team defense records that we do (with Souray playing well in excess of 20 minutes a night) - well that's pretty awesome, IMO. I wonder how we would improve that?

By contrast, what would our record be without Souray's offensive contributions? I'd peg it around .500 at best. He has been that important to our offense. Sooooo... whoever you get for him has to really have a huge individual impact. Mike Comrie sure as hell won't. In fact, nobody who you're realistically going to be able to get for an impending-UFA will. Hence, there is absolutely zero reason to trade Souray. Or to quietly shop him even. It's ludicrous. Insane even.

And that says nothing about the impact to team chemistry and morale that would be felt from a Souray trade.

Did I mention that trading Souray... or even entertaining the thought of it... would be insane? INSANE! It would be. C'mon. You know it.

(And of course, Phoenix hardly seems like a team worth mentioning in any hypothetical Souray sweepstakes either, even if you are insane enough to make such a hypothesis. Certainly not with a name like Ballard involved.)

My problem with your post is that you are not considering the possibility that we lose Souray for nothing at the end of the season as a UFA. Truthfully, without that reason, it just might be insane. Assume for one second that he does want to be closer to his daughter and he may choose not to sign here. Then what?

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