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01-19-2004, 03:14 PM
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Not true. I have actually always like the B's. I just hate the cheap stuff they pulled today. did you see the game? Two players ejected one recieving a match penalty for intent to injure. I have been reading that it doesn't look good for the injured players in both situations.

If anything I dislike the Rags more than most teams in any sport. I just find what the Bs did today to be the epitomy of cheap garbage play. There is a difference between sticking up for your mates and trying to ruin someones career. Today on two occasions the Bs crossed that line and in doing so lost allot of my respect.

They had a lead at the time and to me it looked like they were acting out in response to Thorton getting his tail beaten by Lindros. I take two issues with that. One is that Lindros is a top six player so them fighting to me, is relatively equal especially being they around the same size and all. The second is that if you want to retaliate then drop the gloves and brawl about it. To run and knee other players is cowardice and cheap. So, it has nothing to do with my not liking the Bs mate, like I said, used to before this game that is.

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